At Núnoo we believe humans are perfectly imperfect, that accounts for our eco-conscious initiatives as well. But our commitment to eco-consciousness is unwavering. We understand that perfection is an unattainable goal, but we’re resolute in making better choices every day.

We are dedicated to an extensive eco-conscious initiative. Our efforts encompass two primary facets.

1.) Aligning all Núnoos activities with eco-consciousness practices. 2.) An ambition to become B-corp certified.

We are actively working towards a product portfolio composed solely of recycled and/or certified materials. A significant portion of the materials we currently use already align with these eco-conscious practices, and it is anticipated that the entire product portfolio will meet the aimed-for standards within 2025.

Among other initiatives, we only use sustainable sourced energy for our Danish offices and warehouse facilities. We strive to minimize emissions during transportation for both ourselves and our products. To achieve this, we've forged a partnership with Goodwings to mitigate emissions from business travel. Additionally, the majority of our freight from our suppliers is conducted via sea freight, further reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, our commitment to having an eco-consciousness is reflected in our use of recycled materials for packaging.

Our goal is to actively engage our stakeholders in their social and environmental initiatives. We achieve this by ensuring they follow specific criteria in various activities, like shipping and production, with a particular emphasis on environmental and climate concerns.

We try to make it evident to the public where we stand regarding sustainability through our selection of brand ambassadors and representatives, including those involved in manufacturing our bags.

We've set out on the path to become B-Corp certified with the mission of "Making Business a Force for Good". Recognizing the significant environmental impact of the fashion industry, we're dedicated to making an overall positive impact rather than harming it. Many of the requirements were already met before entering the program, with just a few adjustments required. Currently, we're actively working to meet the remaining criteria in the near future. Our aim is to establish a formal collaboration with B-Corp soon and to achieve certification within 2024.

Hi Friend, we're trying to give back to our planet just as much as we take. Being eco-conscious in the fashion industry isn't always a walk in the park, but we're giving it our all. Come along for the ride as we work toward an even more planet-friendly future!

At Núnoo, we're deeply committed to being more eco-conscious. Every day, we strive to make better choices and embrace imperfections, as we know the fashion industry can be harmful to the environment. Our focus is twofold: we're working to align all our activities with eco-conscious practices and aiming for B-Corp certification. 

We're also transitioning our product portfolio to be exclusively crafted from sustainable and recycled materials. Sustainability guides our use of energy, our efforts to reduce transportation emissions, and our partnership with Goodwings. Furthermore, we utilize recycled materials for our packaging. With many requirements already met, we hope to achieve B-Corp certification within 2024. Together, we can make tomorrow just a little bit better.

🌱 We've teamed up with Goodwings to help us reduce our carbon footprint during business trips.

🌿 Most of our leather comes from eco-friendly LWG-certified tanneries.

🌞 We use only sustainable energy sources for our Danish office and warehouse facilities.

🚢 We mainly use sea freight to get the bag delivered from our factories.

📦 We use only FSC-certified and recycled packaging materials for our bags to reduce our shipping carbon footprint.

🌍 We're in the process of becoming B-Corp certified to ensure that our business becomes a positive force for good.