The week that went by at Núnoo

The week that went by at Núnoo

Hey Núnoo lovers 😍 

We hope you are doing well and enjoy the beautiful and cozy time we're meeting! The Núnoo team is going through a lot of new initiatives and we thought it would be fun just to share some of the things with you!

As you may already know, we have been updated with a brand new collection with a whole bunch of new cool Núnoo styles! We have got a lot of cool Teddy models home, which has already become quite popular! In addition, we also get new models home in a cool and edgy croco, snake and urban material! Some of the styles are not available yet, but we've updated our website with a lot of new styles already. So if you haven't already checked it out, go and see it via this direct link.🤩

Pssstt .... You now have the opportunity to enter and sign up for the upcoming styles under our pre-order category in the menubar. Then you are sure to receive an email notification as soon as your desired style is online and available! Go and check out all the upcoming styles via this link- then you're sure to get your favorite Núnoo styles before they're sold out again. It goes fast! 🔥😎


This week we also hosted a great event for our good friends from Bahne! It was all arranged in our Núnoo showroom. The day was filled with good music, good food, cool presentations and GOOD mood! 😍🤩💃


We hope you found it fun to have a little insight!

Talk to you next week!

Take care and have fun until then💃😍

Xoxo Team Núnoo ❤️
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