Shopping in New York

Shopping in New York

Hello again all Núnoo lovers!👋

Long time no see... Our excuse is, that we have been in NEW YORK, and we have expierenced a lot of cool stuff, we'd like to share with you! 😍

In this post we will share some musthave tips with you, so you are covered up until you have to visit New York yourself! 

We seriously found the coolest vintage shop ever! Besides that, the shop is located in Brooklyn, which only made our excitement bigger. If you only could visit one place in New York, this vintage shop had to be visited! The name of the shop is The Break (click for direct link) It's a fantastic vintage shop, which sells everything a shopaholic could imagen! They sell on-trend vintage brands - clothes, shoes, accessories and interior! We almost couldn't control ourselfes in there! 😲😍


Here are some photos we took. The Break is just amazing. We recommend this shop BIG TIME!🤩



We'll return again soon with more New York vibes and updates! 

Xoxo Team Núnoo💋

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